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I There is a moon in my room I

I There is a moon in my roomI

These lighting designs are three separated objects that form an installation. With these objects Joke has tried to invent her own ecosystem. She created a community where one strengthens the other and where material, light, colour and object control each other. The energy that flows through the ecosystem comes from the light. The force can be found in the raw material ‘porcelain’, which is opposed to the subtlety of the form. Just like structures, ecosystems are controlled by all kinds of factors. ‘There is a moon in my room’ is strengthened by the fineness of ‘Red Moon’ and the crystalline ‘Blue Moon’. The designs are part of a bigger picture, with the beauty of an ecosystem Joke tries to wake up humankind to not let our ecosystem get lost. What Joke wants to achieve is that her designs get people thinking and also feeling a bit more alive, close to ‘planets’ or other elements of nature.