Joke Vandenabeele is Young ceramist / lighting designer living in Ghent, Belgium. She has her own label I JO:KE I, the aim of this label is to go against the mass production of objects. All the designs are made by hand and each of them is an unique item. Joke is a maker at the design collective ‘Kunst-en Vliegwerk’. She studied furniture design, ceramics and art management.

The focus of her work is to make design objects that reminds her of the beauty of nature. Everything she makes is based on an experience of happiness and freedom. Joke is obsessed by structures, organic forms that are not controlled and that are made by movements. Just like in nature, mountains and other organic forms are formed by processes, time and circumstances. These structures are therefore always unique. Ceramics gives her the ability and flexibility to create all kinds of structures and objects. Every movement, every decision turns out to be a totally different kind of object.